Watermelon, I take it from here.

Nothing better than having a slice of water melon in a summer time , but might be extended for all seasons if you would like to . Their hight water content not only help us prevent dehydration , but also calm down our mood. Here are some benefits you can get from watermelon :

1.Combat the heat
Not just weather but anytime when you feel “HOT”. Body temperature rise when you have headache or feel irritability. Watermelon has cooling effect which can lower our body temperature. A comfortable balance in body temperature resist forces tending to cause change of emotion.

2. A nutritional supplement
Watermelon contain hight levels of certain vitamins including vitamin A ,C, calcium, iron , B and potassium , which can provide our daily health requirement. Their extract supplement can reduce blood pressure which improve arterial function in individual with prehypertension. Increase blood pressure sometimes occur due to depression or anxiety . A slice of watermelon can be considered a proven reliable “energy liquor” .

3. Not a fan of water ?
I get it. Some people really don’t like water. You can have a slice of watermelon to replace water after work out or anything . This fruit contain 90% water and full of antioxidant .The  refreshing taste can remind you of tropical heaven.

4. Weight loss
Winner food for weigh loss goal . A silence watermelon might provide less than 50 calories . I would recommend have a slice of watermelon before work out. It masters all the nutrition contained in it.   Add it to a salad can bring more fantastic favour.

Reference: American Journal of Hypertension